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Current Real Estate Prices ​​in Trabzon


The average housing prices in Trabzon have increased by %13.77 in the last year

House prices in Trabzon

In Trabzon, the average increase in housing prices in the last 1 year is 13.77 percent, while the average value increase of houses in the last 4 years is 53.23 percent.

According to the report; The average square meter sales price of the houses with a gross area average of 155 square meters in Trabzon is 1.728 TL, the average housing price is 267.840 TL and the average return time of the investment is calculated as 28 years.

In November 2018, the districts where the highest sales prices were ranked as Vakfıkebir, Of, Ortahisar, Yomra and Akçaabat.


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