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DAP Yapı Campaign to Seize

DAP Yapı Campaign to Seize
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DAP Yapı is offering an opportunity not to be missed for its real estate projects, which come to the fore with their original designs, attention grabbing, distinctive architecture providing added value to the city.

Rental guarantee, 10 percent discount and a further 10 percent discount for advance payments in cash are being offered in the award winning property projects consisting of immediate completion apartments, luxury residences, offices and outlets.


Projects with numerous awards

DAP Yapı is offering a campaign opportunity which is not to be missed, in its real estate projects ready for completion, and which have been deemed worthy of numerous awards by the European Property Awards. The campaign covers the office projects at DAP Vadisi as well as Dalga Kule, Vazo Kule, Burgu Kule, Tango Kule and Royal Center, with buyers able to either move in immediately or purchase for investment purposes.

Real estate projects with rent guarantees and the luxury of a hotel

The “Luxury Residences which Pay for Themselves” campaign, directed at both investors and those who wish to reside in the properties, stands out at Dalga Kule, Vazo Kule, Burgu Kule and Tango Kule. These luxury residences, which possess the luxuries of a 5 star hotel with their furnished and unfurnished alternatives, are comprised of studios and 1 and 2 beds. While the luxury residences can be purchased using bank loans of up to 10 years, the repayments during 8 years of this can be met through their rental income. On the other hand, for Dalga Kule and Vazo Kule, if the luxury residences are not to be used for the purposes of living in, DAP Yapı will pay the rental fee for the first 5 months.


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