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DAP Yapı’s 4 Billion TRY Investment Plan

DAP Yapı's 4 Billion TRY Investment Plan
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DAP Yapı is to invest a total of 4 billion TL in 4 projects in 2017. Ziya Yılmaz, the Chairman of the Board of directors of Dap Holding, provided information concerning the investments and projects they are going to undertake.

4 billion investment in 4 projects in 2017

Ziya Yılmaz, who announced that a total of 4 billion TL will be invested in Beykoz, Maslak, Kartal and the land acquired from the Emlak Konut tender in Validebağ, said that they would be investing 1 billion TL in the Beykoz project, 1.5 billion project for the project in Maslak, 500 million TL for the project in Kartal and 1 billion TL for the land in Validebağ. Yılmaz, who expressed his confidence in both his holding and the future of the country by saying, “We will be working a lot more for this country”, stated that the license for the land they were working on in Validebağ would be obtained in the coming months.


Teras Kule to be DAP Yapı’s craziest property project

Yılmaz, who stated that the Teras Kule (tower) project, which is to be built in Kartal, would be their “craziest project”, said that, just like in the Adam Kule, Vazo Kule Tango and Burgu Kule projects, which they had previously built, they had also created a new concept at Teras Kule.

Largest high street of Turkey coming to Pendik

Yılmaz, who spoke about their 3 thousand 500 residential property and 500 office Pendik project, said, “The project will be like a city in every respect. We will be building the largest high street of Turkey there – 1200 meters in total. It is a project which is under Sabiha Gökçen Airport, and very close to the sea.

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