DenizIstanbul Project Released for Sale


DenizIstanbul: The largest coastal town of Istanbul from Keleşoğlu

DenizIstanbul project, which has been brought to life with the slogan, “The biggest coastal town of Istanbul”, by Keleşoğlu, was presented with a meeting held at the Beşiktaş Four Seasons Hotel. Mustafa Keleş, the chairman of the board of directors of Keleşoğlu Holding, stated that DenizIstanbul project is a turning point for the Keleşoğlu brand.

DenizIstanbul project brings city living together with the sea and nature.

DenizIstanbul project marina
DenizIstanbul Yakuplu Marina

Located 17 kilometers from Atatürk airport, 30 kilometers from Taksim and 7 kilometers from the hydrofoil pier, DenizIstanbul is not just a housing project. With its coastal cafes, restaurants, school, hospital, shopping center, water sports center, 1.5 kilometer sandy beach, where it is possible to walk in safety and pleasure for many minutes, and West Istanbul Marina, DenizIstanbul offers a new life, bringing together city living with nature and the sea.

Property options

DenizIstanbul project mansion
DenizIstanbul Mansion

There are 2 apartments on each storey of the Mercan Mansions, where all of the apartments have a sea view. The 1 bedroom apartments at Mercan Mansions have been designed as 82 m2, while the 4 bedroom apartments have been designed as 211 m2. Mercan Mansions, which brings together, luxury, comfort and functionality, offer the privilege of a private garden with its “Terrace Garden” and Balcony Garden” alternatives. Mercan Mansions lifts the boundaries between nature and home, with its windows which go down as low as the floor, and its French balconies.

This real estate project is planned to be competed in full, in 2021, while its sub projects, Kalyon Houses will be completed in August 2016, Marina Houses in May 2017 and Mercan Mansions in November 2017.


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