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DKY Construction Presented DKY Sahil and DKY Cadde at Cityscape

DKY Construction Presented DKY Sahil and DKY Cadde at Cityscape
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DKY Construction, which took part in the Cityscape Turkey Exhibition, being organized in Turkey for the first time, has presented its ‘DKY Sahil’ project, which it is to build in Kartal and its ‘DKY Cadde’ projects, which it is to bring to life in the Erenköy, Suadiye and Göztepe areas, along Bağdat Street. The DKY Cadde project is comprised of 3 separate projects.

dky ali dumankayaAli Dumankaya, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of DKY Construction, said that they had entered 2016 in an ambitious manner with the real estate projects and new concepts they were presenting at the exhibition.

Ali Dumankaya, who stated that they were preparing to bring a breath of fresh air and a brand new architecture to the central locations of the city with the ‘DKY Cadde’ brand, said that their ‘Cadde’ projects they had started building, would start to be present on the busiest streets of the city within 2 years. Ali Dumankaya gave the following details concerning the ‘DKY Cadde’ projects:

We have started 3 new DKY Cadde projects – DKY Cadde Erenköy 86, DKY Cadde Suadiye 12 and DKY Cadde Göztepe 05. We will be building the Cadde projects with an investment of approximately 217 million TL. Our projects have been offered for sale at prices starting from 8 thousand 500 TL per square meter. We will ensure the highest level of luxury and comfort in these property projects. There will be a limited number of apartments in our projects. Our projects are continuing to rise on the most prestigious streets of the city and in locations which are within walking distance to food and beverage locations and shopping centers. Our Erenköy and Suadiye projects will be completed in December 2016, and our Göztepe project will be completed in December 2017.

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DKY Sahil project to be built in Kartal seen for the first time

Ali Dumankaya, who stated that they were presenting the DKY Sahil project, they are to develop in Kartal to investors for the first time, said, “We have started urban transformation activities in the area where the DKY Sahil Project is to be built. We will be building a 138 property project on a 33 thousand square meter area of land in the coastal section of Kartal, with an investment of 194 million TL.” Ali Dumankaya stated that prices at the project would begin from 9 thousand 500 TL per square meter, and said, “DKY Sahil will be a project with a family concept, comprised of spacious apartments. The project has apartments with uninterrupted views of the Prince Islands and the sea. It will be offering high standards, with its green areas, swimming pool and children’s parks, at reasonable prices. DKY Sahil will be one of the most popular residential areas of Istanbul with its close proximity to the metro, the shopping centers in the region and Sabiha Gökçen Airport.”


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