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Kırk Konak Tarabya | Double Assurance for White Happiness

Kırk Konak Tarabya
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Kırk Konak Tarabya
Kırk Konak Tarabya

The most prominent 40 living spaces are rising in Tarabya with Kırk Konak Tarabya project that offers an élite life center with its waterside residences, houses at seaside, manors and villas located on the inner sides…

There are some neighborhoods in which to live is a privilege

It is said that the prominent inhabitants of Ottoman Palace used to come Tarabya for the sake of a cure with its fine weather.

Though it is mentioned that the name Tarabya comes from the word ‘Therapie’ which means therapy, cure, there is also another belief that Selim II calls this place as Tarabbiye meaning the place in which enjoyable events take place for his pleasant and joyful life.

Tarabya, the most beautiful neighborhood of the Bosphorus. The place that the privileged could not give up,

Always alive, always rich

Tarabya, the place presenting only the greenness, blueness and peace to the eyes;

A quite different beauty with its nature, touch, weather, people.

Tarabya, smelling very sweet while it is raining, with its always smiling shopkeepers, florists cheering the eyes and tiny grossers impressing everybody.

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