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Dumankaya Construction Assets Seized

Public Announcement by Dumankaya Construction
Nova Property

It has been decided to seize all of the assets of the suspects, who include the employees of Bank Asya, the directors of the Fetullah Supporting Terrorist Organization / Parallel State Structure (FETO/PDY) and businessmen due to “strong suspicions thathey have provided financing to the terrorist organization” within the scope of the investigation being carried out by the Anatolia Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office as a result of the allegations that financial support had been provided to FETO/PDY, under the name of “benevolence”. The prosecutor’s office has requested that all of the assets of the owner and partners in Dumankaya Construction – who are also under suspicion – be seized within the scope of the investigation.

The office of the Justice of the Criminal Court of Peace, who assessed the request, stated in its ruling that the suspects included within the scope of the file had acted in an organized manner, convinced certain businessmen and tradesmen to open accounts at Bank Asya and ensured that the money collected throughout Turkey, under the guise of benevolence, sacrificial offerings and subscriptions in the accounts of these businessmen and tradesmen, that the suspects had obtained powers of attorney or deeds of consent from the account holders, drawn the money in these accounts and used it within the framework of the activities of the organization and that all of their actions and transactions had been carried out on the instructions of the organization.

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