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Eclipse Maslak Business Offered for Sale

Eclipse Maslak Business
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The Artaş Group, which has carried the exclusivity of its Avrupa Konutları brand to the Maslak region of Istanbul with its Eclipse Maslak project is offering the office blocks of the property project for sale. The group had already pulled forward the sales of new apartments due to the high demand for its homes, and has now launched the sale of its offices under the brand “Eclipse Maslak Business”.

Eclipse Maslak project is comprised of 550 homes, offices and commercial areas. While most of the apartments which have been released for sale have already found their owners, it is expected that the office areas of the project will also be met with interest.

Eclipse Maslak Business provides Rational Solutions for Offices

Eclipse Maslak BusinessIn Eclipse Maslak project where the homes are situated in two 30 storey towers, the office areas have been designed in on a horizontal plane, in such a way as to provide the widest area of use and make working life easier.

The office blocks, which have a horizontal design gives opportunity for companies to situate themselves on a horizontal plane rather than as part of a vertical structure. While this allows for energy consumption within the company, it also establishes an easy and accessible structure.

One of the biggest problems of Maslak, which is the heart of the world of business and finance in Istanbul, is the car parking problem, and the problem of the narrowness of vehicle waiting areas. Eclipse Maslak also provides a solution to this. The 600 vehicle car park of the project, together with the vehicle waiting section created separately in front of the office areas, provides great comfort for the personnel service vehicles of the companies.

The comfort offered by horizontal architecture offers companies offices at any size from 275 to 1500 square meters, with entrance and exit points which are completely independent. Various other special solutions can also be provided by the project in line with the needs of companies.

Eclipse Maslak Business, which possesses the sub-structure of a smart building, provides the opportunity for ‘Going far with just a low number of storeys’ with its high technology fixtures and 24/7 security.

Eclipse Maslak Business project website can be reached at www.eclipsemaslak.com

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