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Economic Recovery Increased Housing Sales in Turkey

Economy and Property Sales at Full Speed
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Economic recovery rises confidence index to 8-month high. Minister Albayrak announced that the recovery trend is reflected in the rapidly decreasing home sales.


Economic confidence index rose to 84.7 in April. The index had fallen to 75.2 in October. The index has been raised %12.6 since then.

Currency sales of citizens increased

Domestic investors, for the first time after a period of 6 months between March 29 to April 5 starts the sales of foreign currency.

Housing sales increased

Housing sales increased 34 percent compared to the previous month. Mortgage sales increased by 156 percent to more than 22 thousand units due to the fall in credit interest rates.

Turkey has good position

JP Morgan Chase International Chairman Jacob Frenkel, said Turkey saw the new world order. Frenkel said, “Turkey took a good position. At the same time saw where the world will go”

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