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Emlak Konut GYO Sold Flats to Nearly 500 Foreigners in 2012

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Mr. Murat Kurum, General Manager of Emlak Konut GYO (REIT), stated that they continued to diversify their portfolio in line with the objectives set throughout the year 2012 and their preparations for new tenders were underway.

Emlak Konut GYO sold flats to nearly 500 foreigners in 2012

Mr. Kurum specified that they would continue their efforts based on the Revenue-Sharing and Public Tender Code model and he added: “We multiplied the sales of flats to foreigners by 24 times in the year 2012 and we raised the number of flats sold to foreigners to 500 from 18 last year.”

Emlak Konut GYO Has a Portfolio of 5.5 million sqm Land

Mentioning that there has been great interest in Turkey, Mr. Kurum said: “Our country is a safe harbor for foreigners because there is stability here.” Stating that they had a good year in 2012 except for a couple of problems on a regional basis, Mr. Kurum added: “We have a portfolio of 5.5 million sqm land. There is still a great need for housing. If Emlak Konut GYO receives reasonable and feasible offers, we can also implement rebuilding projects instead of building on empty lands.”