Emporia Istanbul: New Project from AKS Yapı


AKS Yapı, which is known for its branded residential property projects, is starting its Emporia Istanbul project in Ümraniye.

Emporia Istanbul, which is rising right next to the Istanbul Finance Center, will offer a holiday like lifestyle, 24/7. The project, which is being built on a 12 thousand square meter estate, and is comprised of 4 blocks, will consist of 536 residential properties and commercial units.

70 percent of the project is comprised of 1 bedroom apartments, while 30 percent is comprised of 2 beds. As well as the residential areas, there are also stores and outlets ranging from 50 to 1000 square meters, offering you the privilege of being able to roam around and shop at your leisure. The commercial units situated in a 10 thousand square meter area will respond to all your needs. All of Emporia Istanbul has been designed as luxury residences and homes and offices, and also offers you the opportunity of being just an elevator away from your office.

emporia istanbul

The square meter unit prices at Emporia Istanbul begin from 5 thousand 800 TL, and the project also presents a 1 percent VAT advantage. Rents within the project are expected to start at 2 thousand TL, with completions planned in 24 months.


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