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Esenyurt Housing Victims in Parliament

housing victims of esenyurt
Nova Property

Hundreds of housing victims departing from Istanbul reached TBMM (Turkish Grand National Assembly)

Victims are in anger with the former mayor Necmi Kadıoğlu and the contractors who did not deliver homes.

Innovia Tuzla, Innovia Arifiye, Caprice Gold, Fiyapı, Bulut Construction, Dumankaya Construction, Babil Towers and Thermal Victims attended to the organisation.

Housing victims told about their problems to Istanbul parliamentarians Gursel Tekin, Ozgur Karabat, Emine Gulizar Emecan and Izmir parliamentarian Ozcan Purcu

esenyurt housing victims in parliament
Esenyurt Housing Victims Met Parliamentarians in Ankara

Request for Commission from Victims

Esenyurt, which is the region with the highest number of housing sales, is also at the top of the residential grievances.

Victims want the establishment of a commission for the rights of hundreds of citizens victimized by large mass housing projects

FiSide Victims Continue Tent-action

The victims who set up a tent in the garden of Esenyurt Fi-Side project, also cried out their reactions. Project started in 2009 and announced to be completed in 30 months. Fiside victims decided to make uninterrupted action until they receive their homes that has not yet been delivered.

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