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Esenyurt is Experiencing its Second Spring in Properties


Zuhal Balsan, a Director at EVA Real Estate Appraisal and Consultancy, who stated that Esenyurt, which is positioned directly in the middle of the E-5 and TEM Highways, would become even more appealing on completion of the planned metro line, said, “When the Esenyurt metro is completed, the distance from Bakırköy to Tüyap will be 40 minutes, and when the Esenyurt – Beylikdüzü – Avcılar railway line, which will be on the agenda after 2019, is completed, the distance between the two localities will be just 25 minutes.”

Esenyurt would become more appealing
Esenyurt, land of new property projects

Balsan, who stated that they expected the region to develop even more together with the transport investments, said, “Additionally, the shopping center, hospital, school and private university investments undertaken in the close surroundings have also increased the reasons for the sector being preferred. We believe that the profitability of the region will increase in the next 3 to 5 years and that residential property projects will continue to see an investment related demand.”

Zuhal Balsarı, Director at EVA Real Estate Appraisal
Zuhal Balsarı, Director at EVA Real Estate Appraisal

Esenyurt is at the top of the regions which come to mind first when ‘branded homes’ on the European side are referred to. Experts are agreed that the region, where mostly quality homes are located, will increase its appeal in the next 5 years. The number of branded homes in Esenyurt is continuing to increase, and the region is on the radar of foreign investors as well as local ones. Interest from Arabs in particular is high in the region. Most of the homes in Esenyurt, which is at the top of the regions where quality residential projects are high in number on the European side, are new.

With the cost of land also lower than in the city center, property prices in Esenyurt are also more attractive. Additionally, the properties within the region are inside complexes with security and have a variety of social facilities. There is a large number of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments in particular.

Convenient Region for Profit

Tamer Özyurt
Tamer Özyurt

Tamer Özyurt, the Chairman of the Özyurtlar Group of Companies, who stated that when looking at Istanbul in general, average square meter prices are between 5 and 8 thousand Liras, said, “Esenyurt is the only region with a price of 3 thousand Liras. Therefore, as Esenyurt is a region where properties are able to be built, which is open to development, which receives foreign demand and where the stock of land continues to increase, it stands out as a region which is convenient for profit.”

Highest Square Meter Price is 3 Thousand Liras

The prices of branded homes in Esenyurt vary according to criteria such as location, floor, views and aspect. The region appeals to the middle income group in general, with the square meter prices of new homes starting from 1500 Liras, while the highest square meter price goes up to 3 thousand Liras.

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