Eston Şehir Mahallem Project Presented at Citycape Turkey

A 15 percent discount is implemented exclusively during the Cityscape Exhibition being held between 24-26 March, at the Eston Şehir Mahallem project, for which the construction work is continuing on a 68 decare (6.8 ha) estate in Bahçeşehir.


Polatyol Construction is also presenting the concept design of the next stage for which the release is planned in 2017, as well as “Eston Şehir Mahallem”, for which the construction work is continuing at pace, at Cityscape Turkey. The new stage will be comprised of residential and commercial properties on an area of 262 thousand square meters, with plans for 1.400 independent sections and 4 thousand square meters of commercial areas.

Eston Şehir Mahallem

We are determined to be effective in real estate in the international arena

Celaleddin Polat, member of the board of directors of Polatyol, emphasized that Cityscape would ensure that the real estate sector would become better known in the international arena, and said, “There has been a great liking for Eston Şehir Mahallem we are developing in Bahçeşehir offered for sale in 2014. The project is receiving intensive interest. The construction work is continuing at pace. We will complete in June 2017. We have also had the opportunity to convey the concept design of our next stage, which we are planning to launch in 2017 at Cityscape Turkey for the first time. We will not only be developing projects in Istanbul, but throughout the whole of Turkey and even abroad. As Polatyol, we are determined to be an effective player in real estate in the international arena.”


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