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Eurasia Tunnel Project Preparations Completed

Eurasia Tunnel Project

The preparations for the Eurasia Tunnel, which is an infrastructural project to connect the European and Anatolian Sides with a roadway under the Bosphorus, have been completed.

Eurasia Tunnel ProjectPublicly known as the Eurasia Tunnel (Avrasya Tüneli), it is the Istanbul Strait Roadway Passage project that will join Asia and Europe via a roadway under the Istanbul Strait. Constructed between Haydarpaşa and Cankurtaran, the tunnel will reduce the distance between Kazlıçeşme and Göztepe to 15 minutes when it is complete. The Eurasia Tunnel will have a line of travel that is 14.6 km in total and is expected to provide relief for the traffic in Istanbul.

The Eurasian Tunnel will be constructed with an investment of 1.3 billion USD and is made up of 3 main phases. Accordingly, the 1st phase will be the construction of U-turns on Kennedy Street, which extends from Kazlıçeşme to Sarayburnu, as underpasses and the pedestrian bridges suitable for access by people with disabilities as overpasses.

The 2nd phase of the project will be the 5.4-km-long passage under the Bosphorus. The 3rd and last phase of the Eurasia Tunnel will be on the Anatolian Side.

The part of Eurasia Tunnel passing under the Bosphorus will be built in two floors and two lanes, thus it will share the traffic load with the existing Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridges, contributing to a more balanced transport within the city of Istanbul and create a “transit” route offering direct transportation between Anatolia and Thrace. One of the prominent features in preferring the Eurasian Tunnel will be its complete protection against unfavorable weather conditions.

The Eurasia Tunnel will be the most practical route between the Atatürk on the European side and Sabiha Gökçen Airport on the Anatolian side. The integration to be provided by the tunnel between the two airports is expected to offer significant contribution to the position of Istanbul in international air transport.

Award for the Eurasia Tunnel

The Eurasia Tunnel, which is to connect both sides of the Bosphorus was awarded the title of ‘The Best Financing Agreement’ by the Euromoney Journal. The 18-year-agreements for financing with an amount of 960 million USD provided by International and Turkish Banks were signed in Ankara on 11, December, 2012.