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European Property Awards 2013 | 38 Turkish Companies Gets 70 Awards

European property awards 2013
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38 Turkish companies were deemed worthy of a total of 70 awards at the European Property Awards held in London, which meant that Turkey was the country which won the most awards.

Hundreds of property projects from 26 European countries competed in the best architecture, property, interior design and building development categories at the European Property Awards 2013. In the four separate categories within the awards ceremony, Turkish companies won a total of 70 awards – 23 awards in the best architecture category, 17 in the best interior design category, 29 in the development category, and one in the property category.

Among the Turkish companies which won awards were Dap Yapı with 9, Viatrans-Meydanbey with 7, İki Design Group with 6, Özak GYO with 5, Arıkan Yapı with 3, and Sur Yapı, BG Mimarlık, Prime Development, Yapı Studio, İnanlar, SKM Projects+, Tahincioğlu and Esat Fisek Interiors with 2 each, as well as a number of companies with one award each.

Urban Regeneration Award for Tarlabaşı

The Tarlabaşı 360 project, which was undertaken with the cooperation between the Municipality of Beyoğlu and Çalık Gayrimenkul (real estate), was selected as the best ‘Urban Regeneration project‘. Ahmet Misbah Demircan, the Mayor of Beyoğlu, received the award from House of Lords’ Member Lord Bates, at the award ceremony in London. Demircan said, “With this project, the residents of Tarlabaşı who have property in the area have seen the value of their homes multiply in value, and a brand new destination for tourism has been created in the heart of Istanbul.” In his speech, Feyzullah Yetgin, member of the board of directors of Çalık Gayrimenkul, emphasized that the urban regeneration in Istanbul was of vital importance.

Tahincioğlu stood out with offices and shopping centers

Tahincioğlu Gayrimenkul, which invests in commercial projects, was deemed worthy of awards for its Palladium Antakya Shopping Center and its Palladium Tower office project in Ataşehir. The Palladium Antakya Shopping Center, which was developed by the company together with Dost İnşaat (construction), and an investment of 150 million dollars, will open on 9 October.

Architecture companies won too

The İki Design Group architecture company owned by Murat Kader and Sema Eser Özsaruhan, won a total of six awards with four of its projects at the European Property Awards, while SKM Projects+, owned in partnership by Hakan Sekmen and Aziz Alimirzayev, which operates in the retail and branded architecture field, won awards in the categories of ‘Retail Internal Area’ and ‘Office Internal Area’.

First place for Sur Yapı in the ‘High-Rise Investment’ category

Exen Istanbul project, which had been selected as the ‘Most Successful Property Investment’ in Turkey last year, through public voting, has received another award from England. The project was awarded the five star ‘Best Home’ award, which is the highest category in the ‘High-Rise Investment’ field, at the European Property Awards. The 10 loft residences between the 33rd and 40th floors of the project, which is being developed in Çamlıca, have now been released for sale. The prices of the 248 – 285 square meter apartments, which have a panoramic view of Istanbul, start at 1 million 700 thousand TL.

Arıkan won with its villas

The Park Village project of Arıkan Yapı, which is comprised of single storey villas, won awards in 3 separate categories – property development in multiple units, marketing and single unit features. Park village will compete against award winning projects in its own category from the African and American continents and the Arab and Asia Pacific regions, at the World Property Awards, which is the next stage of the competition which was organized for the European continent. Life will begin on 31 December at the real estate project comprised of 144 detached houses in Büyükçekmece.

Dap gets 9 awards

Dap Yapı was deemed worthy of an award in 9 categories. Its Vazo Kule project won awards in the ‘Architectural Multi-Residence’, ‘Architectural Single Residence’ and ‘Tower Block’ fields, Dalga Kule won awards in the ‘Combined Use’, and ‘Developed Marketing’ fields, the Dap Royal Center project won awards in the ‘Landscape Architecture’ and ‘Secure Home’ fields, and the Dragos Royal Towers project won awards in the ‘Development of Social Facilities’ and ‘Secure Home’ fields.

Leader of Europe in 3 categories

Quasar Istanbul project, which is being developed by the Viatrans – Meydanbey Joint Venture in Mecidiyeköy, came first in 3 categories. The property project came first in both Turkey and in Europe, in the ‘Social activity / tourism structure architecture’, ‘Interior design’ and ‘Development of a multi-unit structure project’ categories. Quasar Istanbul had also been given first prize in the ‘High-Rise structure architecture’, and the ‘Development of social activity / tourism areas’ fields, in Turkey.

After Europe, it’s time for international property awards!

Property projects from Asia Pacific, Africa, America, Europe, United Kingdom, Arab countries, the Caribbean and Canada regions compete under different categories in the European Awards. The project which has received the highest assessment in the competition obtains the chance to participate in the International Property Awards. The competition, where there are 72 jury members, is being organized by the company International Property Media.