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Everything About the Osman Gazi Bridge

Everything About the Osman Gazi Bridge
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President Erdoğan and Prime Minister Davutoğlu took part in the ceremonies for the Placement of the Final Decking of the Gulf of Izmit Crossing and the opening of the Yalova Altınova – Bursa Gemlik section of the Istanbul – Izmir Highway. The final decking of the Gulf of Izmit bridge has been put in place. The President said that the bridge had been given the name Osman Gazi.

osman gazi bridge opening

President Erdoğan, and the team accompanying him, came to the point where the final decking was to be put in place from the bridge where Turkish and Japanese flags were hanging. Erdoğan, who made a speech here, said that they would be tightening the final screws of the bridge with Davutoğlu and Yıldırım, and that the decking would be welded by officials separately.

4th tallest suspension bridge

The suspension bridge, which brings together Izmit Dilovası and Yalova Altınova, will be the 4th tallest suspension bridge in the world. There are 113 pieces of decking on the bridge, with the final piece of decking having been welded today. It will be possible to travel the distance between the two points in just 6 minutes. The fee for using the bridge will be 35 dollars + VAT. The economic impact of the bridge is expected to reach 27 billion liras. It is being said that the gulf bridge will bring life to numerous sectors and that it will contribute to 15 thousand new jobs. When the highway is completed it will become even more beneficial than the TEM. Tourism will liven up in the Aegean. And with the large port in Çınarlı going into operation, it will ensure that the agricultural products produced in the Aegean region are able to reach the ports much more quickly. Both drivers and Turkey will profit from the giant project. There will be savings in terms of time and fuel. The Istanbul Izmir highway will also contribute in terms of new jobs.

osmangazi bridge

12,911 billion TL has been spent

While the building work in the project is continuing, physical completion levels have reached 94 percent in the Gebze – Gemlijk section, 87 percent in theGebze – Orhangazi – Bursa section, 84 percent in the Kemalpaşa – Izmir section, and 67 percent in the whole of the project.12 thousand 911 billion TL has been spent to-date in the project, where 7 thousand 918 personnel are employed and one thousand 634 pieces of construction equipment are being used. The Gebze – Orhangazi – Izmir Highway (including the Gulf of Izmit Crossing and Connecting Roads), which is been built with the Build – Operate – Transfer model, will be a total of 433 kilometers in length – with 384 kilometers being highways and 49 kilometers being link roads.

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