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Exorbitant Contributions in Property Projects

Exorbitant Contributions in Property Projects
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Those who buy apartments or villas within projects are generally assigning the “management of the complex” to an affiliate of the construction company which has built the complex. The “caveats”, which contain “special conditions”, which they sign at the title office, mostly mean that these “private complex management” organizations have been assigned this role unconditionally. Thus, the private complex management organizations, which have been established for profit purposes, are able to charge owners and tenants extortionate contributions.

30-40 percent of rent

Today, the contributions being paid for a 1 bedroom apartment within a complex, with a rent of 1.000 or 1.250 TL, is 300 or 400 TL. That is to say, you are having to pay around a further 30-40 percent on top of your rent as monthly contributions.

And if you want unlimited access to the social facilities of the complex where you live, you are in even more trouble. That is because a large part of the social facilities charge the residents of the complex a fee.

Poor service, high contribution

Some of the residents of these complexes are stating that private complex management organizations are constantly increasing the contributions at will and that they are not receiving a service despite the contributions they are having to pay.

A resident of a complex which is comprised of around 200 villas, within the borders of Beykoz, on the Anatolian side, reveals the despair with the following statement:

I pay around 5.000 TL rent, while my monthly contributions are 2.800 TL. The service I get for this money is supposedly security and gardening. Private complex management companies are ripping us off. And as far as I understand, there is nothing we can do about it. The state needs to put a stop to this.


On the other hand, a tenant, who resides in a complex belonging to Dumankaya – which has been taken over by trustees – says that the quality of the services being provided has fallen substantially and even that there are serious shortcomings concerning security, but that contributions were still raised by 30% overnight. He states that the reasons presented for the decision do not reflect the facts and that they feel that this increase is unjust, when they could not even receive the required services for the previous contribution fee. He says that as trustees have been appointed to the management of the complex, they do not even know who they are dealing with and that this needs to be corrected.

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