Folkart Çeşme Projects Launched


Folkart Yapı, a candidate to become the largest construction group in Turkey with its extensively talked about projects in Izmir, is continuing its investments with its new Çeşme projects. The ‘Folkart Blu’ and ‘Folkart Hills’ projects, released for sale today, have an investment value of 250 million TL. The projects will be completed at the beginning of summer 2017.

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Folkart Çeşme projects start from 330 thousand euros

Folkart Blu and Folkart Hills, the new projects of Folkart, which is known for its big real estate investments in Izmir, are being brought to life in Çeşme Fenerburnu and Paşalimanı. The company, which had completed the ‘Folkart Paşalimanı Çeşme’ project in 2012, continues to take new steps in Çeşme. The Folkart Blu and Folkart Hills projects, which are situated at the seafront, stand out with their brand new features. They are released for sale at prices starting from 330 thousand Euros, at the launch held today. Folkart Yapı presented its Çeşme projects with the statement, ‘The Gateway to the Sea’.

folkart hills cesme
Folkart Hills Çeşme Project

Çeşme is the fortune of Turkey

Mesut Sancak, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Folkart Yapı, said that not enough people were aware of the high value of Çeşme, which comes together with perfection and is able to gravitate towards the future. Sancak, who stated that there were very few examples of places in the world which bring together very different features – as in the case of Çeşme – claimed that Çeşme was on the way to becoming a global brand, and therefore it was a great piece of fortune for both Izmir and for Turkey. Sancak defined Çeşme with the words, “We are in a place which is heaven on earth, and is able to defy time and have an impact on the world with its charms.”

A different Çeşme awaits us

When the Izmir – Istanbul Highway is completed, it will be possible to reach Çeşme from Istanbul in 3.5 hours. When you leave at lunchtime, you will have your evening meal in the company of the sunset, in Çeşme. It will be positioned differently from now on. Cities such as Kocaeli, Bursa and Balıkesir, which are also on this highway, will rediscover Çeşme. Izmir is on the way to becoming the new center of aviation, and when the planned boutique airport is built in Alaçatı, Çeşme will open its doors as wide as possible, to the whole world.

folkart blu cesme
Folkart Blu Çeşme Project

250 million TL investment value

Mesut Sancak, who stated that their Çeşme related surprises and investments would continue with this approach, emphasized that the Folkart Blu and Folkart Hills projects, which carry the signature of Dilekçi Mimarlık architects, would invoke the ourstanding tourism brands of ‘Cannes, St. Tropez and Majorca’ in Çeşme, with their architectural design, and that they would be equipped with environmentally friendly technologies, keeping integration with nature at the forefront. According to the information provided by Sancak, there will be an investment value of 130 million TL in Folkart Blu and 120 million TL in Folkart Hills. Both projects will have been completed by the beginning of summer 2017.

folkart hills cesme mesut sancak
Mesut Sancak, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Folkart Yapı

Ostentatious projects

Sancak said as follows for Folkart Blu:

It is an address where if you reach out you will be able to touch the sea, with an unequalled view, where ‘the sea is all around you’, and you will be able to ‘experience the best quality without limits’, where there are brand new features and where the thermal facilities have been utilized.

He also stated that the project is within walking distance of the Grand Harbor Bay and Paşalimanı Bay.

Sancak also emphasized that the Folkart Hills project is located in Fenerburnu, the center of Çeşme, and stated that it is within walking distance of the marina, the entertainment venues, cafeteria and restaurants. Mesut Sancak pointed out that Folkart Hills was presenting blue and green together with numerous facilities and brand new features, together with a very special view, the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else, with a very serene approach.


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