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Folkart is building a brand new living center in Bornova Yeni Kent (New Town) region. The new project, named Folkart Incity, is designed as the address of calmness, peace and happiness in the city center for those who want to be ‘IN LIFE’, without breaking away from the rhythm of life in nature.

Folkart Incity consists of 8 blocks. The project, which draws attention with its proximity to the city center in Izmir, has 700 apartments and 42 commercial areas. When completed, it will have a life center with investment value of 475 million liras.

folkart incity izmir project

The housing units start from 239 thousand TL and the deliveries will be on 30 September 2019. Located in İzmir Bornova, Folkart Incity has studio, 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 luxury residence options. Folkart projects, which have become the eyes of investors, stand out with their high rental income and appreciation.

Connection to Folkart Time

Folkart Incity will be connected to Folkart Time, which combines everything that can be needed for living in a single point, with a stylish and aesthetic street that will reflect the modern look of Izmir. Folkart Incity will become the new attraction center of İzmir with its seating areas in the street, special landscaping and lighting.

The modern line of Folkart Incity, where every detail is considered to the finest detail, will be felt in the living spaces. The project includes outdoor sports areas, basketball, tennis, soccer, mini golf, table tennis, hiking and gardens area, outdoor swimming pool, indoor swimming pool, gym, sauna, nursery and playground for children, playstation area, cinema, karaoke room, library, chess and study room, social and technical equipment such as hobby gardens in roof areas, electric car charging station.

folkart incity indoors

Within greenery

The project has an area of approximately 32 thousand square meters. Folkart Incity stands out with its value to the environment and will create green spaces and parks in areas where it has left the public.

Folkart Incity, where comfortable living spaces meet with aesthetic architecture, will combine shopping, sports, nature and entertainment with the dynamism of the city. Folkart Incity, the candidate to be one of the greenest projects in the center of İzmir, will have a green space of 18 thousand 900 m², excluding roof areas. Thanks to its green spaces, it stands out as a project that promises life in nature while living in the city.

Pool pleasure throughout the year

Whether the season is winter or summer, Folkart Incity will offer indoor and outdoor swimming pools to offer the pleasure of the pool in the comfort of your home. In Folkart Incity, where 260 m² open and 127 m² indoor pools are located, the upper and side areas of the indoor pool can be opened and turned into an open one in summer and spring. A sporting lifestyle will be a major feature in Folkart Incity, promising healthy days.

As in other Folkart projects, professional management model will be applied for effective and economical operation in areas such as security, cleaning, technical issues and landscaping. In addition, residents will be able to use assistant services, cleaning, service and technical staff, housekeeping services with a pay-per-use system through concierge staff.

Additional information about Folkart Incity can be accessed here.



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