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Folkart Time: The New Project of Folkart Yapı

Folkart Time: The New Project of Folkart Yapı
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Folkart Yapı, which is advancing with sure steps towards becoming the biggest construction company of Turkey, is beginning yet another new project in the Bornova New Town Center Region. Folkart, which developed the Folkart Towers project, one of the tallest twin towers projects in Europe, is establishing a new residential center, which it has  named “Folkart Time”, on Ankara Caddesi.

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Folkart, which comes to the fore with the striking living spaces it has built since the day it was established, is including a college in its new project, alongside residential properties, offices, shopping and eating and drinking areas. Fundamentally, 4 separate functions – residential properties, offices, high street outlets and a college – will come together in the Folkart Time Project, where there will be an investment valued at 500 million Liras. Folkart Time, which will bring a brand new breath of fresh air to the Bornova New Town Center Region, and become a center of attraction in this area, will be the address of those wishing to gain time from life, with the slogan, “Now is your time”.

While Folkart Time brings the notion of time to the fore with special emphasis, it will give us the opportunity to utilize the time that flows away with life, for ourselves and our families. Features such as social amenities, a green texture, spa, pool and sports areas will be the natural standard of Folkart.

Folkart Time: A combined project with a college

Folkart Time, which is bringing a unique innovation to the concept of a combined project, will be a project which will be the first project in Izmir to include a college. The residents of Folkart Time will be given priority for registration at the college, which will offer its students the opportunity to receive education from the best teachers of Turkey.

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Folkart Time: Balconies and an abundance of green areas

Folkart Time is going to be a combined project with a 120.000 m2 construction area, on 27 thousand 400 m2 of land. It will gain time for the residents of the project, by bringing together residential properties, offices, a college, shopping and social areas. Folkart Time consists of 391 residential properties, 271 offices, 46 commercial units, and indoor / outdoor swimming pool, spa, fitness center and indoor car park, ensuring that time is spent productively. The apartments at Folkart Time range from 37 to 335 square meters, with studio (with or without balconies), 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom and duplex alternatives. The project will bring together the positive energy provided a nature decorated in by fruit, lemon, cypress and pine trees, with its residents.


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