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Folkart’s Investment Package for Çeşme Izmir

Folkart's Investment Package for Çeşme Izmir
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The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Folkart Mesut Sancak, who stated that their recently launched projects Folkart Blu and Folkart Hills would reach a total investment value of 250 million Liras, said that they would be developing 6 projects in Çeşme, with a total investment value which would reach 700 million Liras.

Sancak pointed out that the interest of domestic tourists from Istanbul, Bursa and Balıkesir, for Çeşme, had increased, and said,

When the Izmir – Istanbul Highway is completed, it will be possible to reach Çeşme in 3.5 hours from Istanbul. When you set off at lunchtime you will have your dinner, accompanied by the sunset, in Çeşme. Çeşme will be positioned very differently from now on. All of the residential areas and the cities such as Kocaeli, Bursa and Balıkesir, which are on this highway route, will rediscover Çeşme. Izmir is on the way to becoming the new center of aviation, and when the planned boutique airport is built in Alaçatı, in the near future, Çeşme will open its doors as wide as possible, to the whole world. I am certain tourism will extend over the whole 12 months together with the new plans.

Discussions on Çeşme land continue

Sancak stated that, due to the rise in interest, Folkart yapı had decided to increase its investments in Çeşme, and said, “We have designed real estate projects which will address this need. We are offering luxury suite residence alternatives from 1 to 4 beds.”

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Sancak, who announced that they would be launching a further three projects, which they are to bring to life in Çeşme at the end of this year, said, “Our discussions on new land are continuing. We believe in the future of Izmir and Çeşme, and therefore, we will continue our investments. Once the Izmir – Istanbul Highway opens, as Folkart, we want to be able to offer as many projects as possible to our investors. We want to get into a position where we will be able to give those who come here a list of 10-12 projects.”

Prices will triple

Sancak emphasized that real estate prices will increase even more once the highway project is brought to life, and said, “Investors need to act quickly. I am calling out to them from here. In 3 years time, this price will have tripled. Therefore, those who want to invest should not wait.”

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Sancak also stated that the interest of foreign investors and tourists in Çeşme was low, and that there was a need to pave the way for new villa and hotel investments by procuring land. Sancak said, “At the moment, the biggest problem is that it is not possible to procure land, and that new areas are not being opened to zoning,” and continued as follows:

“At the moment, the total capacity in Çeşme is 15 thousand beds. 9 thousand of these are high quality and the remaining are boutique hotels. This number is the equivalent of the total bed capacity of 2 hotels, in Antalya. When the bed capacity is low, tourism companies need to distribute their client groups among 15 hotels – and most of the time they are unable to find vacancies. And as the bed capacity is low, prices rise. When prices are high, foreign tourists do not show interest. On the other hand, the Turks begin and end the season in Çeşme based on the closing and opening of the schools. Therefore, due to the fact that only domestic tourists come here, and foreign tourists are unable to come to Çeşme, the season becomes shorter. Foreign nationals do not invest because they have not seen and got to know the area. This is not the case in places like Antalya, Bodrum and Dalyan. Foreign tourists go there, like it, and then invest when they come the next time.”

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