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Foreign Real Estate Investors Seeking Guarantees

Foreign Real Estate Investors Seeking Guarantees
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Akzirve Real Estate Development is commencing a 2 thousand 500 residential property project in Istanbul Bahçeşehir. The value of the ‘Strada’ project, which is the Italian word for ‘street’, is 1.5 billion liras. As well as the residential properties in the project, there will be a shopping street which will play host to more than 100 outlets.


Conditions mustn’t be changed halfway

İbrahim Maasfeh, the CEO of Akzirve Real Estate Development, who stated that their confidence in the future of Turkey is full, and that they have not hesitated to invest during any period, said that they were continuing to buy land for their new real estate investments. Maasfeh stated that Turkey was an important address for foreign investors, and said, “Turkey is giving confidence with its political and economic stability. We are inviting foreign companies to Turkey and providing consultancy to them. The most important expectation of foreign investors is planning guarantees. That is to say, when they are going to do something in Turkey, the planning conditions must not be changed halfway through – they must be a right that has been irrevocably obtained.”

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