Foreigners Purchase 20 thousand Units in 11 Months

Turkey Statistical Institute announced the housing sales data covering the period in January – November 2017.

According to this, foreigners bought 20 thousand 70 houses in the first 11 months of the year. In the same period of the last year, the figure was 16 thousand 549 units.

Following the July 15 coup attempt, foreigners’ purchases of housing had plunged significantly. Sales in residential sales to foreigners and expatriates increased again in April after the removal of VAT and recognition of the right to citizenship.

In November 2016, foreign residential sales were at a level of 773 units, compared to 2 thousand 152 in the same month of this year.

In the first 11 months of the year, foreigners bought 7 thousand 380 units in Istanbul, 4 thousand 329 in Antalya and 286 units in Bursa.

Considering the nationality of the purchasers, Iraqis were in the first place with 3 thousand 387 with sales, Saudi Arabians second with 3 thousand 74 thousand and Kuwaitis third with one thousand 540 thousand purchases.

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