Four New Office Trends

In recent years, new technologies have begun to show up in the office sector, along with developing technology, differentiated lifestyles and ever-changing demands. There are changes in office preferences, which will increase productivity and continuity for employees who spend most of the day in the office environment.

Open offices

At the beginning of the 2000s, the use of vertical offices with more hierarchical layouts was widespread, but today it has left its place horizontally in large areas and open offices. In addition, the preference of office buildings with intelligent systems benefiting from developing technology has also increased considerably. With the infrastructure managed on one floor, it is now possible to provide all kinds of services and office areas occupied by socialization areas as well as working areas. Previously located in multi-storey plazas of about 100 m², the companies began to head to office floors, ranging from 500 m² to 1.000 m² on one floor. It is observed that firms with this orientation are mostly large corporations with institutional structures.

office space

Ready offices

Nowadays, small businesses that are rapidly increasing in number also need to show addresses according to the law. Along with the ready office, they tend towards functional uses such as virtual office, office-cafe. These types of offices are characterized by a single room or a single table, and some of them have common areas of use. Concept offices, which have increased their influence day by day, have started to be preferred in Istanbul, which houses about 50% of the newly opened enterprises. Foreign language speaking secretary service, phase and telephone services, cargo etc. A solution that manages all the items one needs from an office has come to be seen in demand.

Smart buildings

The business world prefers office space where it can fully utilize emerging technology services and thus provide the highest yield. It is not wrong to say that playing an active role in the offices called ‘Y’ generation is an important factor in the changing trends. Now, the new generation of employees are choosing a busy and dynamic environment for social interaction in open office spaces, so it is inevitable to see the influence of a formation that keeps the employees in the office environment and shaped according to the employee’s desire. While there are transformations in all office concepts, the most important goal when using such as virtual office, horizontal office, ready office is to increase productivity. For this, the features of the office building are also important considerations, and the green buildings that provide energy efficiency have started to prefer interior designs to increase sustainability. In some locations it is even felt that even if the green building is too small for the rental / sales figure, it is even beginning to have an effect.

office styles

Active offices

For the employees who spend the vast majority of their lives in an office, the trend towards functional office spaces continues in modern lines with comfort to create a home environment. The office sector is heading towards a new market in large or small office orientations, with the aim of improving social environments, interpersonal communication and corporate sense of belonging. In this way, the definition of beneficial area paid for by the rent is changed from the beginning.

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