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Full Support for RE360

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RE360 to be held on December 10-11 this year opens its doors for the third time

The Presidency Investment Office, the Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK), important NGO’s and associations of the sector have come together to support RE360 which will open its doors for the third time this year.

RE360 began as a rehearsal for the MIPIM exhibition to be held in Turkey. RE360 is on its way to becoming a global organization with the aim of providing international participation from nearby regions. RE360 is being organized by Alkaş for the third time this year with the main sponsorship of Fiba Commercial Properties.

RE360 is organized under the motto “Great Meeting of Real Estate RE360”

RE360 hosted 671 qualified guests from investor-developer, architect, sector supplier, bank-fund company, consultant, information technology and public institutions in December 2017, which was organized for the first time in order to bring together all stakeholders in the sector. RE360 increased the number of participants to 738 in last year’s organization.

The success of the RE360, which will be held on December 10-11 this year, has enabled the real estate sector to be a platform where common concerns and common demands can be talked together.

re360 meeting

Organizations that support RE360 2019;

MIPIM is the strategic partner of RE360 2019, which will be hosted by Avi Alkaş, Chairman of Alkaş and Yonca Aközer, General Manager of Alkaş.

Environment and Urban Planning Ministry, the Foreign Economic Relations Board DEIK, Alp Alkaş Retail and Real Estate Center, AYD, Eco-Friendly Green Building Association ÇEDBIK, FIABCI Turkey, Strategy Platform for Real Estate (GISP), Women’s Leadership Platform for real Estate (GKLP), Real Estate Investment Partnership Association GYODER, Istanbul Builders Association (INDER), Marmara Municipalities Association, Turkish Contractors Association (TMB), Turkish Freelance Architects Association (TurkSMD), Facility Management Association (TRFMA), Tourism Investors Association (TTYD), Urban Land Unstitute (ULI), Software Industry Association (YASAD), Association of Appraisal Specialists of Turkey and Istanbul Freelance Architects Association is supporting RE360 this year as every year.

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