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Garanti Koza Joins MIPIM Fair with Akkoza

Garanti Koza Akkoza
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Garanti Koza, which put the Akkoza project into practice with its 65 years of experience in the Istanbul district of Esenyurt, is taking its place in MIPIM as a guest this year.

Garanti Koza AkkozaKoza City constitutes the third phase of Akkoza, the first two phases having been executed in cooperation with Akiş. Built on 450,000 square meters of land, Akkoza contains 7,000 houses and social areas, with all details considered. With its 210 stores, Akbatı Mall meets all the needs of those who reside in Akkoza.

Four-Storeyed Shopping Mall at Akkoza

Developed by world renowned U.S.-based architecture firm the Development Design Group (DDG), Akkoza project is regarded as one of Istanbul’s greatest current projects, with its shopping mall and the life spaces it offers. The first phase of the project was put up for sale in August 2007.

This project, which turns Esenyurt into a center of attraction, provides all kinds of facilities that are needed for a modern life.

The four-storeyed Akbatı Shopping Mall occupying 210,000 square meters of land hosts the leading brands of the world, while a sports center named Club Istanbul, which has 20,000 square meters of outdoor space and 5,000 squares meters of indoor space, is at the residents’ service, along with many recreational sites and parks.

Concert Area with 5,000 Capacity

Another social facility in Akkoza is Festival Park, which was founded on a 3,000 square meters of land. Festival Park, which has hosted various concerts and performances since 2011, has a 5,000 people capacity.

Also, with its Restaurants Street and stores that began serving in 2012, leading domestic and international brands are meeting their customers in Akkoza Street.

Find more information about Garanti Koza and its projects at www.garantikoza.com.tr

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