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Great Interest in Affordable Garden Floors

Great Interest in Affordable Garden Floors
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In rapidly growing cities, the value of the horticulture is growing much faster. It has become almost impossible to find a detached house with a new and well-kept gardens in central locations such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Especially people who have grown up in houses with gardens have more longing for them where they can find peace and tranquility. That’s why, we escape from the cities at first opportunity and take shelter in gardens and village houses.

Garden floors: A must for residential projects

In recent years, people’s quest for garden floors has increased remarkably. The most important reason for this is the desire of people who are tired of urban life to be close to earth, grass and greenery. Even the sight of the green area from the windows, the balconies, is enough. Private areas created for garden floors in residential projects are preferred. These areas are carefully decorated and the desired flowers are being planted. So people can satisfy their garden hobbies partly. In addition, families with children are at the forefront of choosing apartments that are more comfortable with common areas.

forestville sile project

While the number of garden houses is very limited due to the lack of land in the city center, this is different in regions such as Şile, where garden houses  are common. It is the first choice of people to move away from the complexity of Istanbul. The new 2 bedroom villa-house concepts in Şile are preferred by people who want to live in a garden house but cannot because of the high prices.

Houses with gardens at affordable prices

Garden houses at Şile’s new project, ForestVille Şile start from 298,000 TL. Onur Yılmaz, general manager of Homar Build, says that it is an affordable price for people who do not want to get away from Istanbul and still want to live in a garden house in nature.

People want to spend their weekends in nature, but they can’t afford to buy million-TL-villas. Instead, they prefer two-room houses with gardens.

forestville sile homar

ForestVille Şile project consists of 20 2-room houses with 5 blocks built in the form of villas.


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