Greenox Urban Residence in Kağıthane


Greenox Urban Residence, which is being built by the Aycan & Feres Business Partnership in 4. Levent, has been released for sale.

Bosco Verticale (the vertical forest), the first vertical forest in the world, was built in Milan, within the framework of urban transformation. A similar project is now being built in Turkey, with a brand new approach to residential properties. The first implementation of the project is rising in 4. Levent.

The best sustainable heritage

Greenox Urban Residence Released for SaleGreenox Urban Residence, which embraces the first and only vertical forest of Turkey with its aspect which represents the tree of life, is being developed by the Aycan & Feres Business Partnership. Greenox concept reveals the combination of light, landscaping and art, each of which express themselves in a different way, and which carries the excitement of being the first. Greenox, which is the best sustainable heritage which can be left to the future, as a part of a positive green transformation, is making homeowners a part of a green life with the solutions it brings, while instilling an awareness for the environment. There will be 21 thousand 200 plants on the vertical walls of the project, as well as 900 trees and small trees in the surrounding areas.


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