Gulf Businessmen Apply for Turkish Citizenship

Number of foreign businessmen applying for Turkish citizenship reached 2 thousand

Citizenship by Investment

The number of foreign businessmen who want to become citizens of the Republic of Turkey has reached 2 thousand. Most of these are Middle Eastern businessmen

Reduction of 1 million USD real estate purchase requirement to 250 thousand USD increased citizenship applications in Turkey. Since September 2018, the number of foreign businessmen seeking to become citizens of the Republic of Turkey reached 2 thousand. Among them, Middle Eastern businessmen constitute the weight.

There was a significant increase in the purchase of housing or land following the introduction of a minimum purchase order of 250 thousand dollars for Turkish citizenship. Iraqi and Syrian businessmen have the biggest share.

Transactions now end in a short time

Experts say that citizenship transactions are accelerating compared to the past. Operations in the past 10 months were completed in 2.5 months. Processes ending in 10 months can now be completed in 2.5 months.

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