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GYODER Invites Azerbaijanis to Invest in Turkey

GYODER Invites Azerbaijanis to Invest in Turkey

GYODER – the Real Estate Platform of Turkey – which organized meetings at the 2nd RECEXPO International Real Estate and Investment Exhibition held in Baku, Azerbaijan, invited Azerbaijani investors to invest in the real estate sector in Turkey.

Aziz Torun, the President of GYODER, who had private meetings with Kerem Hasanov, the Chairman of the State Committee on Property Matters of Azerbaijan, representatives from the sector and institutional investors at the exhibition, drew attention to the cultural unity between Azerbaijan and Turkey, and invited Azerbaijani investors to invest in real estate in Turkey. Aziz Torun stated that the exhibition had been productive, and that he hoped that the discussions which had been held would contribute to the development of the relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey.


As GYODER, we will direct investors correctly

Aziz Torun, who stated that Azerbaijani investors had an interest in Turkey, said that as GYODER they wanted to direct investors correctly. Torun stated that the interest of foreign investors in real estate had begun together with the Reciprocity Legislation in 2012, said, β€œIn the time that has passed we have learnt what types of properties foreign investors want. Now, we need to build the desired types of properties at the desired sizes. For example, the Gulf states prefer larger apartments. These types of properties can be concentrated on in Istanbul. Building contractors also need to be prepared to develop projects directed at regions such as the Aegean and the Mediterranean, taking into account the demand which is not limited just to Istanbul.”

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