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GYODER to Repair Parliament

GYODER to Repair Parliament

The Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) had been the target of attacks during the attempted coup on 15 July, and the building had been damaged.

The Association of Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Partnerships (GYODER) had recently announced that it wished to repair parliament with the slogan ‘The People Will Build the People’s Assembly’. The TBMM has accepted this proposal from branded real estate developer companies.

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Aziz Torun, the Chairman of GYODER, who announced that the budget required for the repair of parliament would be met from the donations of companies who are members of GYODER, stated that the teams they had appointed had already begun working in Ankara. A signing ceremony has been held on 24 August with the participation of Ismail Kahraman, the Speaker of the TBMM, Aziz Torun, the Chairman of GYODER and Avni Çelik, the President of the High Advisory Board.

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