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HEP Istanbul | Pay When you Move in Campaign

HEP Istanbul | Pay When you Move in Campaign
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Tekfen is offering those who wish to become homeowners at the HEP Istanbul: “The Home of My Life Project”, an opportunity not to be missed, with the ‘pay when you move in campaign’. The residents of HEP Istanbul, who have purchased properties with credit, within the scope of the campaign valid until December 2016, will pay their first installments when they move into their homes – in May 2017.

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Life will begin at HEP Istanbul in April 2017. Those who buy properties with installments of up to 120 months, within the scope of the ‘Pay when you Move in’ campaign, will begin to pay their loans as if they used them in April 2017, while at the same time having the advantage of being able to select the property they want in advance.

HEP Istanbul: Candidate to become “Home of Life”

Ömer Egesel, the Managing Director of Tekfen Emlak Geliştirme (real estate development), who stated that they were offering the homeowners a good lifestyle focused on family life with the warranty of the 60 year Tekfen brand, said, “With its advantageous location, social facilities and payment terms, HEP Istanbul is a candidate to becoming the “Home of Life”. We are also endeavoring to offer the best choices to the residents of HEP Istanbul in our campaigns. Homeowners will not be paying any loan installments until they move in, within the scope of the “Pay when you Move in” campaign, which will continue until the end of 2016. Installment payments will begin in May 2017 – the date when life is to begin at HEP Istanbul.”

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The project, which is situated on a 56 thousand 880 square meter estate with a 253 thousand square meter construction area is comprised of a total of 1424 apartments in 11 high rise blocks and 14 terraced property blocks. There are only a limited number of “Terraced Homes” at HEP Istanbul, which places family life at the center. With their low story architecture, large living areas, private gardens and terrace use, Terraced Homes offer a pleasant life for families in particular. Alongside the residential units, there are also 25 commercial units possessing an area of 2 thousand 600 square meters. The commercial units, which have been positioned at the entrance to the complex, include a supermarket, shopping areas, cafeteria and restaurants.


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