Highway Impact on House Prices in Şile

In the last 4 years, the construction of the ongoing highway project has increased housing prices in Şile/İstanbul by 110 percent and land prices by 32 percent.

sile property investment

The construction of the Şile-Ağva-Kandıra highway, which began in 2014 and still continues; has increased the housing prices significantly in Şile, Istanbul’s Anatolian Side tourism district.

Average housing prices in Şile have increased by 110 percent over the last 4 years since the project started in 2014.

The Average Square Meter Price is 3.185 TL

In Şile, with the December 2018 values, the average square meter sales price of the houses is 3.185 TL, the average housing price is 305.760 TL and the average return time of the residential investment is 23 years.

The first three neighborhoods which housing prices are the highest; Kumbaba with an average price of 3.254 TL per square meter, Meşrutiyet with an average price of 3.186 TL per square meter and Ağva with an average price of 3.180 TL is listed.

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