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Properties for Investment or for Living in?

Real Estate for Living in or Investment
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When investing in homes, the criteria sought for homes to be lived in are different from those to be purchased for investment purposes. So, what needs to be paid attention to in homes being purchased for investment purposes, and what needs to be paid attention to homes bought to live in?

When investing in real estate, and in particular when investing in homes, there are numerous criteria which need to be considered. Whether the home is being purchased for investment purposes or for living in is reflected in the eventual choice. When selecting a home, most of the time, care is taken to ensure that it looks nice and luxurious. However, there are also a large number of factors which need to be considered as well.

The following criteria should be sought in properties being purchased in order to live in

Real Estate for FamiliesThose buying properties to live in should consider the projection for the next 15-20 years, and decide on a property suitable for their type of family, and its resistance to earthquakes should also be among the factors which are paid attention to as well as the quality of the materials used in the home.

Those with large families should choose larger properties, while those with small families can prefer 2 bedroom or 1 bedroom homes. Housing projects with extensive social facilities should be a reason for preference among families with children.

On the other hand, for those who are working, proximity to their place of work and to the transport projects are among the criteria.

A property with a large sitting room and kitchen should be a reason for preference by families of four or more.

Another factor in the selection for properties bought for living in is the number of rooms suitable for the number of children.

One other factor which needs to be paid attention in such properties is that the monthly service charges are expedient when compared to the family income.

Properties with good insulation should be a priority preference as they ensure energy savings and contribute to the family budget.

Neighborhoods with clean air, and a large number of parks and gardens are those coming to the forefront when buying a property to live in.

Properties facing north are more difficult to heat and therefore should not be preferred. Among the other criteria which should be paid attention to are whether the property receives sunlight and is subject to humidity.

The following criteria should be sought in properties purchased for investment purposes

Real Estate for Investment Attention should be paid to ensuring that the property to be purchased as an investment is located in a neighborhood with a potential for increases in value. The price and rental amount of the property should be well researched and properties with a high rental coefficient should be preferred. Properties which are in a central location and in projects which are in close proximity to the transport networks are a priority among preferences. One of the reasons for investment is the ease with which properties in projects located in close proximity to transport access, and these are among the most preferred ones for investment purposes. Properties with low infrastructure costs, also known as depreciation costs, and other general expenses such as roofing expenses, should be preferred.

Those wishing to invest should prefer smaller ones, such as 1 and 2 beds. 1 bedroom properties are seen to be the best vehicles of investment as they are easy to rent and easy to sell.

When investing in properties, the quality of the material used and its resistance to earthquakes should also be researched, and those resistant to earthquakes should be preferred. Homes with high service charges should not be a particular preference for investment as their rental income is lower. Homes subject to humidity and those difficult to heat are also more difficult to rent and should therefore not be preferred when considering investing.

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