Housing Prices in 4 Holiday Villages Close to Istanbul

For those living in Istanbul, there are many short-distance holiday towns far from the city noise. The increased interest in these holiday resorts also affects real estate prices in the regions. The prices for properties on sale and for rent have been announced for Akçakoca, Karasu, Şile and Sapanca, which are located near Istanbul.

Especially in recent years, most of the holidaymakers prefer to go to the quiet areas in the borders near Istanbul because of the lack of traffic and time. Increasing interest in holiday resorts near Istanbul also affects real estate prices in these regions. Many new housing projects are being built in these holiday villages, which have become tourist areas. According to the results of a recent survey, the prices of residential and rented houses in Akçakoca, Karasu, Şile and Sapanca are as follows:

Interest in Akçakoca on the Shores of the Black Sea Growing

Akçakoca, which is bound to Düzce, is a holiday town with a coast to the Black Sea. Akçakoca, also known as the pearl of the Black Sea and popular with its historical houses as well as its sea, is located 3.5 hours away from Istanbul. The price of housing in the region, which attracts attention with its enchanting nature as well as its close proximity to city, also increases day by day. Housing prices for the period April 2012 to April 2017 in the district increased by 43 percent, rental housing prices increased by 29 percent. Akçakoca, which is one of the preferred preferences of those who are looking for residential properties for sale, has seen an increase of 14 percent in residential housing prices and 9 percent in rentals in the last two years.
House price for sale: 128 thousand TRY
Rental housing price: 531 TRY
Return time: 20 years

Karasu’s Popularity also Increasing

Karasu, one of the most popular holiday resorts in recent years in Sakarya, is also one of the priority choices of real estate developers. The interest in Karasu has also increased housing prices in the region. Housing prices for the last two years in the region increased by 46 percent, rents increased by 12 percent.
House price for sale: 175 thousand TRY
Rental housing price: 773 TRY
Return time: 19 years

sile property investment

Şile Rental Prices haven’t Changed

Şile, which is one of the districts that has always protected the popularity of every region close to Istanbul, has not experienced much increase in house prices in the last year. Between April 2015 and April 2017, there was an increase of 52 percent in residential property and 33 percent in rental house prices. The prices of residential properties for the last year have increased by 21 percent and there has been no increase in rents.
House price for sale: 321 thousand TRY
Rental housing price: 1.141 TRY
Return period: 23 years

40 per cent increase in Sapanca over the last two years

Sakarya’s Sapanca county, one of the holiday resorts in the spring and autumn months, is preferred by those also wanting to be close to Istanbul. In Sapanca, prices of residential and rental properties for sale have increased by 40 percent in the last two years. Looking at the last year, a 13 percent increase in the prices of residential and rented houses is noteworthy.
House price for sale: 200 thousand TRY
Rental housing price: 795 TRY
Return time: 21 years

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