Housing Prices Increased by 1.07 Percent

According to the results of REIDIN-GYODER New Housing Price Index and REIDIN Property Index, housing prices in Turkey have increased by 1.07 percent compared to the previous month.

The highest increase in the province was 2.03 percent in Balıkesir.

In October, the down payment rate in new house sales increased by 6 percentage points to 29 percent, and bank loan usage rate increased by 1 percentage point to 41 percent. The rate of deed in housing sales decreased by 6 percentage points to 30 percent.

Besides, 30 percent of the houses sold in October are finished and 70 percent are composed of unfinished housing stocks.

turkey housing prices

Foreign residential sales increased

According to the results, the purchase of housing by foreigners is increasing. According to this, 5 percent of the sales realized in branded housing projects were made with foreign investors. Sales were mostly in 3 + 1 type of housing.

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