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Increased Interest in Real Estate Purchase from Turkey

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Despite 9 months since the enactment of the law paving the way for sales of real estate to the foreigners, the number of the immovables purchase by the foreigners in Turkey has reached 10,687.

Increased interest in real estateAccording to the announcement by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, 10,687 real estates in total were sold to 11,008 foreigners, which consist of 2,513 parcels and 8,174 residences.

The German Taking the Lead

The German citizens were ranked the first among those purchasing real estates from Turkey, which are followed by the English and Austrian citizens.

The German citizens bought 2,557 real estates from Turkey. 702 people from Germany were sold 1,263 parcels and 1,294 residences from various locations in Turkey.

The second was the English citizens who bought 1,302 real estates in total, which consist of 235 parcels and 1,067 residences, and they were followed by the Austrian citizens who bought 352 real estates, which consist of 205 parcels and 147 residences.

We have Investors from the USA and Arab Countries

Following the law on the reciprocity clause, the interested in Turkey included the USA, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Having bought 81 residences and 56 parcels from Turkey, the Americans had 66,638 square meters in total.

The Arab countries included Kuwait with 196 residences and 13 parcels, Saudi Arabia with 104 residences and 64 parcels, and the United Arab Emirates with 58 residences and 49 parcels, respectively.

The First Choice on Antalya and Second on Istanbul

The Greek citizens who bought 95 real estates from Turkey did not prefer the provinces on the coastline, but chose provinces  such as Ankara and Eskişehir. The foreigners have shown the greatest interest in the real estates in Antalya since the amendment of the law.

Antalya was followed by Istanbul and Muğla, and other choices of interest included Aydın, İzmir, Bursa, Ankara, Mersin, Hatay, and Yozgat.