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Interesting and Funny Facts about Turks

Interesting and Funny Facts about Turks
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If you intend to come to Turkey as a tourist or for business, or to buy a home from Turkey, then we recommend that you read this article about the common traits of Turks. (This post is intended to be humorous).

A Turkish man paying a bill in a restaurant will carry out the necessary procedure under the table. Turkish men do not want the others at the table to see how much he has paid. He believes it is dishonorable if they see how much he has paid, and will be worried that they will say, “What a crass man – he both treats us and shoves the bill in our faces”.

Tea | One of the most popular drinks in Turkey
Tea | One of the most popular drinks in Turkey

Turks have a great love for tea. Even in the hottest times of the summer, they can drink pots of tea.

Turks usually ask every tourist questions like, “Do you like Turkey, shish kebab?”

When Turkish people meet someone for the first time, the first thing they always ask is, “Where are you from?”

Turkish people love to write slogans such as “He is in the army now”, or “Elbow grease, not inheritance”, on the back of their cars.

Turkish mothers would not like this very much!
Turkish mothers would not like this very much!

Every Turk wants their children to be a doctor, engineer or a lawyer. This is probably due to the mother or father wanting someone to be able to treat them when they grow old, or to solve any issues related to the piece of land left by their great-grandfather. A mother or father who wants their child to be an astronaut has yet to be seen. No one wants their child to take them to Mars.

Turkish people love to negotiate. People who even negotiate for a packet of cigarettes are common.

It is always useful to empathize with an official, by saying things like, “Your job is difficult too”, when you need to get anything done at a public authority.

Almost all Turks are natural born sportsmen, economists, politicians and doctors (all at the same time).

Turks love to open their houses to people who come to the village or the country, to lay a table fit for kings, even if the guests say they are not hungry, and to give them gifts.

Reading someone else's paper | A favorite Turkish pastime
Reading someone else’s paper | A favorite Turkish pastime

Turks are experts at looking at and trying to read the newspapers, books and magazines read by someone next to them in public transport vehicles. However, unfortunately, our passion for reading is limited to only this.

If a Turkish man starts to talk about his experiences in the army, you should find an excuse to leave as it will at least take more than an hour to get to the half of it.

Another characteristic peculiar to Turks is that they just stand and watch an accident which has just happened or a building which is being constructed.

Turks love to take their time saying their goodbyes. This begins at the door, and is followed by going out on to the balcony or looking through the window to wave their guests off, guests sounding their horn when they have got into their cars, sending messages with their mobile telephones, and finally ending this farewell ritual when they get home.

Turkish people also love to calculate costs and revenues, such as asking how much something costs or determining the revenue of a show by calculating how many people are in the hall.

It is also a tradition to ask every young boy whether they have been circumcised :))

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