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International Investors’ Perspective on Turkish Real Estate Sector

International Investors' Perspective on Turkish Real Estate Sector
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The 15th Turkish Real Estate Summit to be organized by Gyoder, will take place tomorrow, at Raffles Hotel Istanbul.

One of the most important sessions of this year’s summit is the panel entitled “International Investors’ Perspective on Turkish Real Estate Sector”.

15th Real Estate Summit Countdown StartedZafer Baysal, the senior vice-president of the Amstar Global Partners real estate investment fund, will act as the moderator of the panel, where Claudia Pendred, the Property and Tourism Direcror of EBRD, İbrahim Maasfeh, the CEO of the companies Akzirve and Faris Mermer, Ivan Curilla from GIC and Kemal Kaya, the Senior Consultant of Blackstone and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Multi Turkey, will participate as speakers.

International real estate investors and funds, which currently have billions of dollars of investments and are planning further new ones in Turkey, the Singapore country asset fund, the European Zoning and Development Bank, and other similar international corporate investors, managing real estate assets totaling in excess of a trillion dollars in hundreds of countries throughout the world, will come together in the panel.

The leading subjects to be discussed at the panel are as follows:

Their satisfaction with their existing investments in Turkey; the problems they have experienced, if any; their expectations from Turkey in order to continue investing; the matters which need to be improved in comparison with the other countries they invest in; recommendations for changes in the legislation; their recommendations and proposals for revision in Turkey, in order to develop the investment climate in Turkey, and attract more foreign investors like themselves.

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