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Investment in Real Estate by Celebrities in Dikili, İzmir

Dikilli, Izmir
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Kalem Island, Bademli Village, İzmir
Kalem Island, Bademli Village, İzmir

Bademli, situated on the coast, to the south-west of the district of Dikili, in Izmir, has become a favorite of investors in recent years. The village, which stands out with its coastline covered with olive trees reaching out to the sea, and its position as a natural port where green and blue come together, is full to the brim with people coming to the region for their holidays. The distance between it and the adjacent Yahşibey village is less than one kilometer, while the distance to Deniz village, which is a little further, is around 6-7 kilometers. Stretching out inland like a long and wide canal, Bademli village is also known as Dalyan due to this characteristic. The islands, Kalem Island and Garip Island, located close to the coast of Bademli, are also among the haunts of those who come to the region.

Celebrities and Businessmen Are Here

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ Buying Land in Bademli
Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ Buying Land in Bademli

There are businessmen, politicians and famous artists among those buying land in Bademli. One of these is Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ. Having bought a 7-decare-estate neighboring Kalem Island in Bademli for 800 thousand TL, Tatlıtuğ is said to be seeking to build a hotel here. It had also been announced a few years ago that Garip Island had been purchased by Fikret İnan, the owner of Fi Yapı, a few years ago. Another well-known businessman having land in Bademli is Cem Boyner. Estate agents, who say that the place which is surrounded by walls, and which is on a large estate with a yachting pier, is a relaxation facility where Boner hosts his friends, also state that there are sporting areas such as tennis courts within the facility. It is also said that Onur Kumbaracıbaşı, a former Congressman also has land in the village.

The Most Expensive Region of Dikili

Bademli is the most expensive region of Dikili. Vahiyettin Turhan of Turhan Emlak, who says that land with and without zoning is priced at around 100 thousand TL per decare, and that, “there are also a large number of protected areas in the region. There are places with zoning, but also a large number of places without.” The price of land with zoning a little further away from the sea falls to around 30-40 thousand TL per decare. Real estate agents are saying that the cause of this huge rise in prices in the village are the large number of stone houses built by those who previously came to the region from Istanbul and Ankara. The most expensive land and estates are mostly in the bays and the areas which have a view of the islands.

For Those Wishing to Invest

Bademli Village, İzmir
Bademli Village, İzmir

The prices of the detached old village houses in Bademli vary according to the sizes of the estates and the houses. It is possible to buy a 3 bedroom detached village house, whose estate ranges from 120 to 5 thousand 800 square meters, at prices between 100 thousand TL and 2 million 500 thousand TL. The estate of the house priced at 2 million 500 thousand TL has hundreds of olive trees and other structures such as a porter’s lodge and annexes. On the other hand, the prices of 3 and 4 bedroom homes built in estates of between 175 to 762 square meters start from 75 thousand TL and rise to 380 thousand TL.

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