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Iranian Tourists Increasingly Interested in Van

Iranian Tourists Increasingly Interested in Van

More than 50 thousand Iranian tourists visited Kapıköy Border Gate in 2 months and visited Van.

With its potential in cultural richness, history and faith tourism, the Eastern Anatolia Region, which hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists every year, is inundated with Iranian tourists. Due to the turmoil in Iraq and Syria, the stagnant tourism sector has revived with the removal of the embargo on Iran.

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Cevdet Özgökçe, Chairman of TÜRSAB Regional Executive Board stated that thousands of tourists flocked to the region for 13 days of holiday in Nevrouz. “In 2016, nearly 1 million tourists came to Van and nearly half of them were Iranian tourists. This year, at the Kapıköy Border Gate near Iran, 17 thousand passengers arrived in January and 33 thousand 500 passengers arrived in February. In addition, 3 thousand 174 tourists in one day, breaking the record for the last three years. This number is expected to increase further during the 13-day holiday of Nevrouz, “he said.

Expressing that the Iranian market is very important for Turkey, Özgökçe said, “Iranian tourists are extremely important for both our country and our country. Here our tradesmen should also know the value of our guests from Iran. Because these tourists are very important to us and we must be in the development of our region. As of March 1, there was a 2-day holiday in Iran, and a number of tourists came, to our knowledge. ” Before Nevrouz holiday, Iranian tourists flocking to Van were met with flowers at the border gate.

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