Home Editorial Is Şile a Good Investment Option?

Is Şile a Good Investment Option?

Is Şile a Good Investment Option?
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Onur Yılmaz
Onur Yılmaz

Şile region was used as a summer and tourism region until recently. However, with the highway being half an hour away from the center of Istanbul, its proximity to the sea and its magnificent nature, it is being studied closely by many construction companies now.

Everyone is curious about what will happen in the near future in the Şile region where very few housing projects take place. However, we also know that the construction companies that produce branded houses want to develop high-return projects on lands close to the seaside.

Şile promises high income in short time

Şile is one of the places where the real estate prices are most suitable in the Anatolian side of Istanbul. It is still possible to find quality projects with a price of 1000 USD in the district. The finished new apartment prices are around 1,400 USD on a sqm basis. This shows that there could be a 40% gain in 1 year.

The rentals of the apartments in the site are about 400 USD per month. The return period of the investment is about 14 years, and even 12 in some cases. This means an annual return of 8.5%. This is a serious rate when you add your earning potential.

şile coast istanbul

Şile to be center of health tourism

It is said that in the coming years, the state institutions in Çekmeköy-Alemdağ-Taşdelen district will move towards Şile, which is a very important development for the investor.

istanbul şile map

The fact that Şile is closer to Istanbul than Sapanca and Yalova is especially attractive for Arab investors. With the completion of the 3rd bridge connection route, transportation alternatives will also be diversified. It is also said that Şile will soon be the center of health tourism.

In short, Şile seems to be the eye of the investment in Istanbul in the coming period.

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