Istanbul has the Biggest Share of Property Sales in Turkey

Istanbul is the city with the biggest share of residential property sales – with 62.119 (21.1% share) properties sold. Istanbul is followed by Ankara with 36.217 (12.3%) property sales, and Izmir with 19.177 (6.5%). The lowest number of sales in the same quarter were in Hakkari, with 14, while Ardahan with 45 and Bayburt with 62 sales.

295.010 residential properties were transferred through sale in the 2nd quarter of 2013 in Turkey. Statistical Regional Unit Classifications, covering all of Turkey on a city by city basis, using Title and Cadastral Information System (TAKBİS) data, have started to be published from 2013.

Istanbul also takes the lead with mortgage use

Mortgage applicationThe share of residential properties sold using a mortgage throughout Turkey in general was 44%. The highest number of mortgages (30.267 properties) were in Istanbul, and it was also in first place in terms of the share of mortgages (23.3%), while the percentage of sales using a mortgage, of the total number of property sales in Istanbul was 48.7%.

In the same period, the number of sales using a mortgage in Hakkari and Bingöl were 4. The city where the percentage of sales using a mortgage was the highest, of the total number of sales, was Artvin, with 52.5%, while the lowest was Bingöl with 6.1%.