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Istanbul Tarlabaşı Region Preparing for Grand Transformation

Tarlabaşı transformation
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Work is continuing on 9 structural islands on 20 thousand square meters of land in Tarlabaşı, which is one of the three arms of urban transformation in the district of Beyoğlu in the center of Istanbul.

Tarlabaşı transformationWithin the scope of building, street and infrastructure renewal works in Tarlabaşı, a total of 278 buildings which are an example of civil architecture will be renovated, 210 of which are proprietary.

In a statement, Ahmet Misbah Demircan, the Mayor of Beyoğlu said that the renovation works, for which the tender on 16 March 2007 was won by GAP İnşaat (construction) are continuing, and that Tarlabaşı would attain more modern conditions.

Demircan added that they were faced with buildings in Tarlabaşı with an average age of 100 – 150, and that these had been neglected, and said, “On the other hand, there are also the demands of the life we live. Car parks, internal dimensions; minimum things we expect from a home such as a commercial unit, a shop. We need to put all of these together and at the same time protect Istanbul’s history and silhouette, while also making its functions suitable with the conditions of today. That is to say, we need to achieve something difficult. From this point of view, there is an operation going on in almost 300 buildings total in Tarlabaşı.

“Tarlabaşı Transformation: An Exemplary Project”

Demircan stated that the transformation project being carried out in Tarlabaşı was “exemplary” and that the vision they had displayed in the region had convinced everyone with its integrating approach.

Ahmet Misbah Demircan continued as follows:

Ahmet Misbah Demircan Tarlabaşı“During this process, maybe we had to endeavor more in order to be understood. However, at the point we have arrived at today, we have not only started restoration in Tarlabaşı, but at the same time performing a change in mentality. And we are also causing for a new method to crop out in the restoration works for old buildings. I hope that when this is finished in the coming years, we will be able to see the real shape of what we are imagining.”

Beyoğlu Mayor Demircan stated that they did not view the work just as construction, and said, “That is because while some of the buildings are being maintained as they are; for some, it is only their front which is being maintained.”

Beyoğlu Municipality can be reached at www.beyoglu.bel.tr