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Istanbul | The Most Beautiful City in the World

Istanbul | The Most Beautiful City in the World
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For centuries, Istanbul has been the subject of countless songs, poems and stories. The city has never ceased to amaze and inspire world-famous artists. Some people, however, may need to take a step back and see the bigger picture in order to fully appreciate the beauty of Istanbul. The list of breathtaking photos here will remind of the dazzling beauty you may have taken for granted.

Maiden Tower | A Sight for Sore Eyes

Maiden Tower

The Bosphorus | Gorgeous as Ever

The Bosphorus Bridge

All Shades of Blue at the Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque

Haydarpaşa Train Station | Standing the Test of Time

Haydarpaşa Train Station

Istanbul | The City That Never Sleeps

Nightlife in Istanbul

Solotürk Flying over the Bosphorus

Solotürk Flying over the Bosphorus

The Grand Bazaar | Where Tradition Meets Shopping

The Grand Bazaar

Istanbul Skyline | As if from the 1700s

Istanbul Skyline

Galata Tower | Silently Watching over the City

Galata Tower

Nothing Represents Istanbul Better Than a Ferry

Ferries in Istanbul




  1. most the current pictures are just too much bright , a city tour should be about relaxation , looking for to improvements

  2. You forgot to mention that Istambul was build by the Byzantine Emperor and it was called Constantinopolis. Stil Istambul is coming from the Greek language ” Is tin poli” which means “to the city” that the Greeks used to call .

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