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IstWest Project Offers Easy Payment Terms for the Choosy

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IstWest LogoIstWest, the most prestigious project on the European side, is continuing to make people homeowners with easy payment options. In the IstWest project, “I am choosy but I want easy payment terms” campaign, payments will begin in January 2014, with interest rates at 0,53 per cent. For those who buy homes from IstWest project, life at the most well – equipped property project on the Bahçelievler Basın Ekspres road will begin this summer.

Start paying your installments in 2014

IstWest project, which is being brought to life with the venture of Feryapı – Boyner, continues to offer easy payment terms to those wanting to become homeowners. Those who say, “I am choosy but I want easy payment terms”, and want to become homeowners will begin paying their installments, as well as their deposits, in January 2014. And while paying your installments within the scope of the special campaign at IstWest project, which possesses a wealth of social facilities, you can also take advantage of 60 monthly installments and 0,53 per cent interest.

Start paying in 2014, move in this summer!

IstWest distinguishes itself from other projects with its 4.500 sqm indoor social complex and just 1.000 properties in an area of 70.000 sqm. Its newest campaign offers the possibility, for those wishing it, to move into their homes this summer. IstWest, which has received a large amount of interest from the day it was released for sale, due to good transport facilities, and unique location at the heart of the city, offers living areas ranging from studios to 4 bedroom apartments.

The Choosy will Love IstWest project!

IstWest project shoppingThe IstWest shopping square, which will be situated directly underneath IstWest, offering a unique alternative with its open air architecture, is another exclusive characteristic which stands out for the choosy. The IstWest shopping square offers various different solutions from 70 to 3 thousand square meters. It makes a difference in the region with the stylish cafeteria, restaurants and shopping facilities it will contain. IstWest also stands out with its social areas; it attracts attention as the most prestigious project of the European side with its unique location at the center of the city, its prestigious architecture, special playing areas for children of all age groups, the social fixtures it has developed for adults, the satiating green areas with their special landscaping arrangements, its winter garden, Japanese rock garden, and fruit garden, its walking tracks, indoor and outdoor sports areas, 24/7 back up concierge service, and the IstWest shopping square.

Find out more information about IstWest project at www.istwest.com

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