Izmir Kordon Real Estate Prices Soar

The real estate prices in the region have hit the ceiling as a result of the project for moving the Port of Izmir.

Alsancak Waterfront (Kordon) region was examined in a study conducted by the Valuation Experts Association of Turkey (TDUB). As a result of the study, it was determined that real estate prices in the region have increased with the project to move the Port of Izmir.

İzmir Kordon
İzmir Kordon

Square meter prices of outlets reached 21 thousand liras

The square meter prices of the multi-storey outlets facing the waterfront range from 17 to 21 thousand Liras. The square meter sales prices of apartments with a sea view in the 1st Waterfront are seen to vary between 8 to 10 thousand Liras. On the other hand the square meter unit sales prices in the historic buildings facing the 2nd Waterfront, range from 5 to 8 thousand Liras.

Market values in the region expected to rise

Doruk Karşı, General Secretary of the TDUB, stated that he was expecting a big increase in the market values in the region with the cruiser port planned to be put into service after the Port of Izmir is moved to the district of Çandarlı, with the Liman Arkası project.

Price increases are a serious risk

Karşı evaluates the excessive increase in prices, which has already occurred, as a serious risk. Doruk Karşı emphasized that Izmir will gain great importance in the medium and long term as a center of tourism, commerce and conventions.

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