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Kabatas Seagull Project Opens

Kabatas Marti Seagull project
Kabatas Marti Seagull project
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The first stage of Kabatas Square and Transfer Center Project, designed by Architect Hakan Kiran, opens on March 8th

kabatas seagull project

The first stage of the project, known as the Seagull Project, will open on 8 March. Since then, the ferry service will start from the Kabatas port.

Temporary terminal building completed

700 square meters terminal building of the city lines and 2 scaffolds will be ready for service. The roof, ceramics and painting process has completed at the temporary terminal building of the Seagull Project.

In the second phase of the project, there will be 32.500 sqm of square (open space). 18.400 sqm will be hard ground, 14.142 sqm will be green space.

The second phase will be completed in October 2020

The second phase of the project is scheduled for completion in October 2020. When all the piers are opened, motors, İDO and BUDO ships will be able to travel from Kabataş as well as city lines. Tourist ships will also be able to dock. When the 2nd stage is completed, Kabatas Square will be a very important transfer center where public transportation systems will be integrated and parking is included.


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