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Kayaşehir | The New City will be a World Class One

Kayaşehir will be a world class city

Being the largest satellite city project of Turkey and targeted to have a population of 1.5 million, Kayaşehir will be one of the best examples of urban transformation with the visionary projects to be implemented, which were kick-started one after another.

Kayaşehir will be a world class cityKayaşehir, part of the Başakşehir district on the European side of Istanbul, will be established in the center of one of the new city projects to be established on both ends of the city. Expected to reach a population of 1.5 million in a short period of time with successful satellite city projects implemented one after another, Kayaşehir is currently home to nearly 60.000 people in 20 thousand residential units. At the same time, Kayaşehir will also house the largest Health City of Europe that will encompass 8 special hospitals with a capacity of nearly 3 thousand beds which has been tendered out and will begin to be constructed in a few months as well as the Bio-city projects, which will be a center of scientific research.

Erdoğan Bayraktar, Minister of Urbanization and Environment, stated that TOKI finalized 20 residential units in Kayaşehir and said the following about the new city to be built in the region during the 2. International Green Buildings Summit, which was held yesterday: “We are continuing our efforts in order to establish a new city that would encompass Başakşehir, Kayabaşı, Küçükçekmece and Kemerburgaz in order to not only support the urban transformation of Istanbul but also to save people from living in buildings with an earthquake risk. The core of this city will be Kayaşehir and it will be a world class city”.

Kayaşehir to Compete with Canberra, Vancouver and Seattle

Pointing out to the fact that there were ambitious cities in the world like Kuala Lumpur, Canberra, Vancouver, Seattle, which have been founded recently, Bayraktar said: “We have established a city that can compete with these cities. The concentration of construction and buildings is rather low. The green areas are magnificent. The social amenities required by a modern living are quite good. We shall establish two very important, major health cities here and it will be a world class expo area in the city center. There will be ecological settlement areas in the city accessible only by hybrid and electrical vehicles and bicycles.”

In preparation for a population target of 1.5 million people, the planning of construction of cultural centers, closed market halls and outpatient clinics in Kayaşehir has already started. The metro project will become operational in a few months. Large construction companies have already started to search land for new projects in Kayaşehir.